Tim Hatch

COO- Founder

“Live and work to improve the livelihood of our clients, customers, employees and the community we serve.”

Tim Hatch was born and raised in Austin, Texas. He graduated from Texas Tech University with a bachelor’s degree in finance with a real estate emphasis. He started his rise in the real estate profession at Capital Land Company where he learned the “art of the deal” and the complexities of large transactions. At Capital Land Company, Tim was recognized for his analytical approach and his philosophy of focusing on low risk investments, a strategy that has provided phenomenal ROI. There he cultivated his love for finding off-market opportunities for his many investors. His forward thinking and market knowledge has given him the ability to structure investments that are protected from market swings and limit exposure.

Tim has had a successful career in the real estate profession. He has been in residential sales, apartment management (including over site supervision of multiple sites), commercial property management, and commercial sales representing both buyers and sellers. He is the broker of record for The Leaf Group.

Tim was the Property Manager at Oberg Properties where he managed a portfolio that included single family homes, vacation rentals, commercial office-retail-warehouse space, and a timeshare resort.

Tim’s next move was to fulfill his entrepreneurial spirit and to complete his expertise of the construction business, a move that has proven a huge success and paid large dividends for his investors. He went to work for Cooper’s 1 Call Service, a full service construction, maintenance and repair company. Responsible for both commercial and residential operations, he modernized corporate accounting and internal procedures. He developed an invaluable base of knowledge of regulatory requirements, safety issues, compliance mandates, governmental rules and regulations, along with a clear understanding for cost of goods and services on the construction side.

Currently Tim is the Chief Operating Officer and Founding Partner of The Leaf Group. His innovative vision for the company is the cornerstone for the partnership. His leadership and commitment to performance and excellence can be felt throughout the organization. Tim recognized the opportunity to offer the same economy of scale benefits that larger apartment communities achieve to the smaller investor. He also coordinates all development and redevelopment projects for the company.

Tim relies on his strong foundation of ethical standards passed down from generations of real estate investors, entrepreneurs, builders, and business owners. This foundation gives rise to a total dedication…. “100% customer service satisfaction!” He has a deep rooted commitment through family origins to give back and support the community through service and philanthropic acts. Tim is active in supporting Young Texans Against Cancer, as well as other civic organizations. He enjoys golf, poker, live music, and adventure travels.

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