Louie Divino

CEO Founder

“Our passion is maximizing excellence while pursuing success.”

Born in Havana, Cuba, Louie came to the United States of America on a Red Cross humanitarian freighter of 1000 children by himself, escaping the Castro revolution and starting a true American dream story. Eventually, he reunited with his family, and his past has shaped his drive and vision of life.

A true Longhorn, he attended The University of Texas at Austin and studied Business Management. While at UT, Louie worked at Transportation Enterprises, Inc. SKO Holdings. He started as a bus driver for the UT student shuttle service and rose to the post of VP overseeing various national business interests for the company. He was appointed by SKO Holdings as the Marketing Director of Griggs International, where he opened distribution centers for factory goods throughout the United States.

Louie then entered into real estate, another success story. Representing Scharfe Homes, Inc., he became a Top Producer for one of the nation’s largest residential builders. During this time, he self-funded a small portfolio of investment grade properties, which has allowed him to see investments all the way from the grass roots to the board room. Louie entered the multi-family housing profession on the on-site level and rose to the executive level. Holding various positions he is well versed in all facets of the multi-family industry.

With ConDel Development, Louie served as Leasing Coordinator, Assistant Manager, Manager, Nation Sales Trainer, District Manager, and Regional Manager. ConDel Development was acquired by ConAm Management, and he was retained and outsourced as an Asset Manager to Shearson Lehman to evaluate American Express Real Estate investment products in the Eastern Region.

After returning home, Louie embarked on a new direction of relocation and apartment locating. He is widely recognized as a legend in the profession for his accomplishments and contributions. Serving as President of Austin Association of Professional Leasing Services, he helped to develop The Code of Ethics for the organization.

Louie helped launch, train, and expand the largest apartment locating service in the United States, which was eventually purchased by Berkshire Hathaway, Warren Buffet’s Cort Relocation.

He served as the Relocation Director at First Call Properties, directing marketing campaigns and operations.

Louie has served on many boards of directors, including the Austin Apartment Association, Safe Place-hearing impaired program, and Austin Association of Retarded Citizens of Austin. He is actively involved in the civic and political pulse of the region. For years, he has been a sought after speaker for his market expertise and on-target analysis pertaining to current and future trends of the multi-family market.

Currently he is the Chief Executive Officer and founding partner of The Leaf Group as well as President of EZ Rent Austin. He is co-chair of the One World Foundation/The Leaf Group, enhancing the community through philanthropic acts and outreach programs.

He is an avid outdoorsman and fitness nut. He enjoys rowing, biking, snow skiing, and traveling. He loves live music, fine art, poetry, and living outside the box! The cornerstones of his life are his zest for winning relationships, friendships, and his devotion to goodness.

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